OMG! Must See

Tonight on NBC expect a triple scoop of fun with three excellent season premeires.

Community:  What’s Jeff and the study group up to this fall?   What classes will they need to take?  Do Jeff and Britta still have chemistry?  This show definitely has had some up’s and down’s for me, but mostly it’s been excellent.  I’ve been a Chevy Chase fan for 30 years, so I’m always ready to see what he’s up to.  If you haven’t watched Community before, try it twice and let me know what you think.

Parks and Recreation:  By far, my favorite show of the night, and I am so excited to finally have some new episodes!  Last season left off with Leslie being courted into city politics which she always wanted, but the opportunity came with a hefty personal price tag.  I’m hoping that she’ll somehow be able to pursue her career in the city council but still have a love-life at the same time. 

The Office:  Who’s going to be the manager?  Could they have dragged this out any longer?  I think not, but I’m such a loyal fan of The Office, that I’ll put up with almost anything.  This season, Jim needs to lighten up and get back to his funny, pranking self.  Last season with his managerial duties, he lost a lot of his personality.  Andy Bernard should play a larger role, and hopefully, he’ll have more opportunities to impress his future boss.  Dwight, though should remain exactly the same.