OMG! Must See

Hopefully you have all of your chores finished because tonight is a great TV night.

The X Factor:  Season Premiere tonight on FOX.  I missed Simon Cowell’s hard hitting wit during last season’s American Idol.  Without him, the AI judges were too soft, too complimentary, and far too dishonest.  In tonight’s X Factor, I want to see great (or not so great) talent paired with an abundance of insightful and honest feedback.  What exactly is The X Factor anyway?  Is it the so-called triple threat: beauty, brains, and talent?  How is it different than winning American Idol?  Does the lack of age limitations drastically change the flavor of the show?  It certainly could, and I hope it does.  Tonight’s two hour episode better make this clear or the viewers will see it as a cheap spin off.

Modern Family:  Season Premiere tonight on ABC.  One of the best shows on TV is back, and this first episode is shot in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on a dude ranch.  The entire family sets out on vacation into unfamiliar territory, and of course along the way, they learn to live better with one another and more importantly gain greater depth of understanding of themselves.  It’s a credit to the writers that they deliver what is arguably the funniest show on TV, and at the same time the humor has point, a kind of frame of reference for our own lives.  This is why Modern Family took home 5 awards at the 63rd Prime time Emmy Awards.  Bravo!

Survivor South Pacific:  Some interesting characters this time.  First would be Brandon Hantz.  He’s so concerned about people seeing his “Hantz” tattoos, but maybe he should try not to look and sound like such a creeper.  His ink is the least of his problems.  English professor, Dawn Meehan, needs to get an emotional grip on herself or she’ll be known as  the crazy lady who wants to go home.  Both Ozzie and Coach on the other hand, are handling themselves pretty well.  Ozzy seems meant for this competition, but for Coach it’s a physical and mental struggle to make friends and keep himself in the winners’ circle.  Tune in tonight for some great Tribal Council drama.