OMG! Must See

New Girl:  Season Premiere tonight on FOX looks like a great show.  Jess Day, played by Zooey Deschanel, is a quirky, good-humored girl who finds herself in a broken relationship and needing new living arrangements.  Sadly, all she can find is a man cave replete with three men and all their gadgets.  From the previews, this show does go beyond the tired cliches and stereotypes that could so easily be tapped in a show like this. 

Trash TV

The Sing Off:  I wanted to like this show.  I normally enjoy singing contests such as American Idol among others, but watching this season premiere brought me back to the days when I watched the Partridge Family or The Brady Bunch.   The kids would sing their hearts out while Mom would step in with some vocals and play the tambourine:  so wholesome, so sweet.   For all the singers, talent isn’t the question–they’ve got mad skills in that department.  But why must they be so cheerful, so Disneyland?  I’ve always preferred my music to have a bit of an edge, even just a small one, but these a cappella folks are all smiles, shiny teeth, and lip gloss.  I would most likely be a better person if I could watch and enjoy this type of show, and truly, I hope many of you do like it.