OMG! Must See

Dancing with the Stars:  Season Premier tonight on ABC.  Normally, DWS, doesn’t make my happy list, but when Hope Solo was announced as a dancer, all that changed.  As you probably already know Solo is the goalie extraordinaire who helped the US women’s soccer team advance to the World Cup finals. Other star dancers include Carson Kressley, Nancy Grace, and Chaz Bono among others.

Hell’s Kitchen:  Season Finale tonight on Fox.  The future chef for BLT Steakhouse will be announced tonight.  Last week, Jenn packed her bags, and finally showed a little attitude while she walked out the door.  Perhaps some fussiness would have helped her in the kitchen.  She certainly could cook, but her leadership skills posed the biggest challenge for her.  I predict that Paul will be a finalist, and when he turns the doorknob, he’ll step out to a new life.

The Sing Off:  Season Premiere tonight on NBC with Nick Lachey.  I’ve tentatively placed this show in the OMG! slot, so I’m willing to record this once and see how it goes.  There are probably enough singing shows already, but the judging and the level of talent from the competitors will have so much to do with the success of the show.