OMG! Must See

Colbert Report:  Colbert has been on fire lately;  election time most definitely suits his personality.  Tonight, Colbert will undoubtedly have some highlights of Rick Parry (with an A), and he will interview Diane Sawyer.  She has done so much amazing work over the many years of her career.  Tonight she’ll be pitching her special Jacqueline Kennedy:  In Her Own Words which airs on September 13 on ABC.

Hell’s Kitchen:  The remaining chefs continue to compete against each other and continue to endure Elise.  This hopeful chef is hard to figure out.  She appears to be a competent cook with moments of greatness, but this girl can talk some serious trash.  Once she starts, that’s it.  No one else can get a word in, and she won’t stop till people begin go unconscious for lack of oxygen.  It would be interesting to see her management style if she actually goes on to win this–which I hope she won’t.  I’m rooting for Jennifer or Paul.  Both chefs seem to cook consistently well and have less psychotic personalities than Elise.