OMG! Must See

Expedition Impossible:  Tonight is the season finale, so don’t miss out.  Last week, Team Cops went back home to serve and protect the citizens of Massachusetts.  There are four teams left:  Football Guys, Gypsies, Fab 3, and No Limits.  All of these teams have shown courage, grit, and pure determination.  They’ve sick, injured, lost,  and slow, but on they push through broken bones, sprained limbs, and untimely diarrhea.  This is definitely not some type of glamor race!  Team Gypsy has dominated the race, but the other three teams are surprisingly determined and undaunted by their success.  I’m pulling for No Limits, but any team that comes in first deserves our props. 

Beyond Scared Straight:  Tonight a group of unruly teenagers face a tough female deputy.  I hope they didn’t think she’d bring them milk and cookies, cause this lady is no joke.  She’s there to help get these kids back on the right track, and that isn’t for wimps.  These hardened youths are at the crossroads of their lives.  Do they continue to fight the law and disrespect authority or do they step off that track and restart their lives.? It takes more than a village for these kids to thrive, so thank goodness for the folks who dedicate their lives to helping them.