OMG! Must See

Take the Money and Run: Chicago based domestic partners face off against a couple of detectives who also want the money.  Last week, the sisters had an interesting strategy to mislead the detectives and interrogators, but in the end, their u-turn was a giveaway to where they hid the money.  The truth is though, they didn’t want it enough.  They took a casual approach to their hiding spot, and I knew from about ten minutes into the show that these ladies weren’t hungry enough to win the contest, but those detectives certainly were.  Good luck to tonight’s partners!

World’s Strongest Toddler:  If this little boy wants milk, his mommy better step up and pour some.  He’s the world’s  strongest three-year-old, and his muscle development is a mystery to his doctors.  Why is he so strong?  Is it genetic or environmental?  These answers are crucially important to doctors who see the potential of helping people who are fighting muscle wasting diseases.  It’s fascinating to watch this little guy pump iron, but the medical knowledge that could be generated is far more important.