OMG! Must See

Hell’s Kitchen:  Calm down, people!  It’s just risotto!  To watch these chefs fall apart, cry,  and yell at each other, one would think that lives are on the line.  Besides the bickering, watching the makings of a great chef in a fast paced restaurant can certainly be entertaining.   Elise is most definitely enemy number one, which makes me root for her even more.  While her attitude is top full of vinegar (like her last dessert) she can usually put together some good dishes.  I won’t commit and say she’s my number one choice, but I do tend to pull for the underdog in any situation. 

Biography:  Stevland Hardaway Judkins better known as Stevie Wonder!   His music has transformed the world, and he’s still as relevant as he was 25 years ago.  The kids on American Idol could learn a lot about heart, talent and perseverance from this artist.  Being blind from birth didn’t impede his drive and his natural gifts as a singer and song writer.   Many of his songs immediately take me back thirty years to my childhood in the Bay Area.  I listened to him at the swimming pool and would sing along to “You are the Apple of my Eye” while in the passenger seat of my dad’s purple AMC Hornet.  Great memories.