OMG! Must See

Take the Money and Run: Last week, a husband and wife partnership managed to allude two seasoned detectives and two hard-nosed interrogators.  They needed the money for their children and other family concerns, which seems to be the ticket to success.  If the partners have heart felt reasons (or fears) then they are more willing and able to deceive the authorities.  Tonight, sisters from Miami will partner up to see if they can find themselves 100 grand better off.  If they have some serious needs or are afraid of their financial insecurity, then they’ll make it.  If however, the money is just an added perk or they just want to be on TV, then they’ll crack like peanuts.

MasterChef:  The Season Finale is tonight.  Two full hours of cooking madness, and finally one winner will be announced.  Any predictions?

Trash TV:

Combat Hospital:  Calling this show Trash TV is perhaps a little harsh.  The characters are engaging, and some of the story lines are dramatic and interesting which I like.  Here’s why it has landed in the trash pile.  The show has fallen victim to an age-old story telling mistake.  Their guiding female characters are tired, been-there-done-that cliches.  The most obvious is the character of Rebecca Gordon.  She’s a gifted trauma surgeon who can save the lives of her lucky patients.  The viewers are meant to see her as a strong woman and maybe even relate to her strength in a male dominated environment.  But then, of course, she has to negate all of her strength and authority when she sees a scary spider in the shower.  She actually shoots it without a moment’s hesitation, like a little girl screaming for her daddy to save her.  Why can’t she just be strong and realistic?  Why must the strong female characters revert to little girls needing help?  Do the producers think that she’ll seem less attractive if she’s  a realistically strong woman?  Do they feel the need to spice her up with some added helplessness?  Just wondering.