OMG! Must See

MasterChef:  The three prestigious judges have finally narrowed the field to just four lucky cooks.  I was sad to see Ben go home last week, but that’s what happens when the meat is over cooked and nasty.  I’m sure he’ll continue to cook and amuse people for years to come, though.  My new favorite is Jennifer.  She has a great palate and thinks quickly and creatively in the pressure tests.  I would absolutely buy one of her cookbooks.   Tonight, I’m crossing my fingers that Christian’s arrogance will finally push him out of the show.  His rudeness is simply annoying to watch.

Trash TV:

 Bachelor Pad:  I must be psychic because last week I predicted that Bachelor Pad would end up in the trash pile, and here it is!  I wanted to like it.  I wanted to laugh at Vienna’s stupidity and just watch the drama unfold.  But, as I watched the show develop I felt my precious life spirit being stripped away.  Why in the world does this show need to exist?  Most of the singles in the house appear to be pathetic and bitter second choices of shows gone by, and I would think that if they had any pride or self respect at all, they would have turned down this additional 15 minutes of fame for more true and meaningful life experiences.