OMG!  Must See

The Next Food Network Star:  It’s down to three, and tonight is the season finale.  Jeff Mauro, the Sandwich King, seems to being pulling ahead of Suzie and Vic.  Jeff can make some seriously yummy sandwiches, but the question is, would I sit down to watch his show each week?  I would rather look up his recipes on line than listen to him narrate the intricacies of sammy makings.  Then there’s Vic, the Mama’s Boy.  He started the competition with a Las Vegas concept for his show, but over time has tapped into the Mama’s Boy persona.  Which is it?  As a home cook, I’m not at all interested in Vegas style food, but I am slightly curious about the cooking wisdom that Vic may have acquired from his mama.   Susie, the third finalist creates what she calls elevated Mexican inspired dishes.  Her food looks amazing, her background is inspiring, and her camera presence is warm and inviting.  I would certainly watch a Susie show, so there’s my vote. 

Same Name:  This is a great show.  The season premired two weeks ago with Kathy Griffin, the famous comedian, switching lives with another Kathy Griffin.  At the end of the episode, both Kathy Griffans appeared to gained an understanding of the joys and hardships of each other’s lives.  Tonight, Reggie Bush, football player, will trade lives with Reggie Bush, farmer.  I hope the Football Reggie sees and appreciates the enormously difficult work of farming, and it would be great to see Farmer Reggie feel the rigors and non-stop expectations of being a celebrity athlete.