OMG! Must See

Take the Money & Run:  Good show!  If you missed last week’s episode in San Francisco, tune into tonight to see what a couple from Miami can do.  Last week, I was appalled to see one of the brothers crack under the pressure and actually tell the interrogators where the money was hidden.  I have a feeling that he regrets that decision, as I’m sure his brother does.  Tonight’s partners in “crime” will be a married couple who will do their best to elude the detectives.  Married folks are tough;  I foresee them holding out against the authorities.

MasterChef:  Top five are in the pressure cooker tonight.  At this point, any one of them can just taste the win, but only if the judges like the taste of their next dishes.  Last night, Tracy was eliminated leaving Adrian surprised and grateful.  Ben Starr needs to believe that he can compete at this level and stop down playing himself.  Jennifer is his top competition, and she’s a tough cookie to beat.  Christian’s attitude will hopefully bring about his own downfall, and the neural engineer should go back to the lab and out of the kitchen.