OMG! Must See

MasterChef:  It’s getting tense now!  Tonight, watch these home cooks work their way up to Master Chef.  Last week, Christine was asked to leave, and I just know that the judges were sad to see her leave.  She has such a great story which is unique to her and oddly universal as well.  I hope she gets an amazing job based on her performance so she and her son can live happily ever after.   I couldn’t believe that Christian wasn’t eliminated last week, but hope springs eternal for tonight!    I’m rooting for Ben who embodies the passion of a home cook and the expertise of a chef.  

Bachelor Pad:  As I write this, I’m afraid that next week, I’ll be putting this show in the Trash TV category.  Tonight is the season premiere so I am willing to crack open a frosty Snapple and see what this show has to offer beyond watching Vienna’s crying fits.  If you haven’t heard about this show,  here’s some 411.  The Bachelor mansion will be full of both jilted men and women from previous Bachelor seasons.  Are they bitter?  Yes.  Are they here to prove something?  Yes.   Will the women cry and threaten each other?  Yes!  So, this show could be worth  it, but only time will tell.