OMG! Must See

Take the Money and Run:  Season Premiere tonight on ABC.  This sounds like a cool show or at least, it’s an original premise.  Partners have one hour to hide a suitcase containing $100,000 in a big city–tonight it will take place in San Francisco.  After it’s hidden, the partners will be arrested by San Francisco’s Finest and then interrogated for 48 hours in order to locate the suitcase.  If the detectives don’t get their mits on the cash in time, then the partners walk away with 100 large!  The interrogators are Mary Hanlon Stone and Paul Bishop.  Stone serves as a Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County and presents lectures including The Art of Interrogation.  Her partner, Bishop, has been twice honored as Detective of the Year and is a 35 year crime fighting veteran.  Watching two professionals try to break down the partners will be great.  Perhaps I’ll pick up some tips that can help with parenting teenagers.

MasterChef:  Last night the cooks had the dubious opportunity to feed and be judged by hoards of children.   Christian’s team lost the battle because he’s incapable of listening to the expertise of other cooks on his team.  He committed a cardinal sin–he stirred crystallized sugar into simmering caramel and ruined it, and then to top it off, he didn’t own up to his mistake.  The loss earned his team 60 horrible minutes of cooking  cheese souffles which are extremely difficult even for seasoned chefs.  Lucky for the team though, all of their souffles were delicious and no one left MasterChef.   Tonight the drama will continue, and hopefully Christian will finally be sent home.