OMG! Must See

MasterChef:  It’s a taken some tears, some blood, some anger, and some really gross looking food, but finally the field has been narrowed down to eight hopeful chefs.  I’m pulling for Ben and Christine to face each other in the finale.  These two cooks have a passion for food, and they’re hungry for recognition about their talents in the kitchen.  I would be happy to buy a cookbook from either one of them.  Christian, though, is a very different story.  Clearly he has a talent for cooking, but his passion seems rooted in self-centeredness.   He’s rude and sour, and I would never pay for a cookbook written by him because I fear that his food would be bitter and one dimensional–just like his personality.  He might be pleasant in his off camera life, but he certainly has not come across this way for the viewers (or the judges). 

Hell’s Kitchen:  Lucky for the TV viewers, Chef Ramsey still has thirteen chefs to yell at!  Show them who’s boss, Chef!  Tonight, expect another difficult challenge that leaves one team living in the lap of luxury for a few hours and the other team broiling with accusations and simmering with resentments.