OMG! Must See

Expedition Impossible:  This show has it all!  If you’re not watching then you just might be missing out, but if you’ve missed it so far, check it out on line then tune in tonight.  While I normally root for the underdog in feats of strength contests, it’s hard to deny  team Gypsy’s dominance in this race.  First of all, they’re calm, smart, and they  work well with one another.   Last episode they chose to generously donate their first place prize of speaking to their loved ones to another team.  Wow!  Who does that?  Team No Limits were the lucky recipients of this kindness, and they received a huge emotional boost from their families at home.  Tonight we will see the teams battle through a terrifying jump into a river and dangerous whitewater kayaking.   Keep in mind, these are just normal people who are pushing themselves to the limit which makes this a more exciting show to watch.

King Cobra:  Tonight I plan to face one of my deepest fears.  No, it’s not running out of ice cold Snapple, it’s snakes!  I’ve been so afraid of snakes that I wouldn’t even touch pictures of them in my Ranger Rick magazine. Perhaps if I learn more about snakes I can see them as less of a horrible threat than I do today.  Maybe the narrator will tell me that the snake is more afraid of me than I am of it!  I’ve learned over the years to seriously doubt that sentiment.  After King Cobra, if I’m still conscious, I’ll be going for round two with Anaconda: Queen of the Serpents and for the bonus round I’ll be enduring Snake Underworld.  Snakes, under our world?  That sounds scary.  My latest snake scare was hearing about an unfortunate family that bought a house built over a snake den!!  Snakes began to appear everywhere!  The garbage–snakes!  The toilet–snakes!  Inside the walls–snakes!  So tonight, join me in learning about this horrifying reptile.