OMG! Must See

Inside the Kill Box: Fighting the Gulf War:  Want to understand what our soldiers are facing in Iraq and Afghanistan right now, then watch this retrospective about the Gulf War.   Of course the circumstances will be different than what our soldiers are currently facing, but some of the most important aspects will be similar.  Back then, as it is now, our often young men and women leave their hometowns to fight for those who can’t or won’t.   Watching war documentaries helps those of us who have not fought to gain some proper perspective about the realities and ramifications of war that often our  media cannot and will not provide. 

Ten Most Unbelieveable Births:  This show is a little out of the norm for me, but I am intrigued enough to tune in tonight.  A couple of weeks ago, I channel surfed my way to a documentary called, I Didn’t Know That I Was Pregnant, and after watching that (which I recommend if you want or need to feel grateful for your own birth experience) I am curious about this show because I doubt any birth stories could be more dramatic or weird than the ones I watched two weeks ago.  I’ve spent several minutes conjuring up possible scenarios for these Unbelievable Births.  Will it focus on OctoMom or Mrs. Duggar?  Maybe a poor lady was lost in the rain forest and her baby was delivered by a jaguar?  Did a marathon runner give birth at mile nine then get back up and finish the race?  Who knows, but we humans come into this world in some amazing ways, so I’ll be watching tonight.