OMG! Must See

Hell’s Kitchen:  As the saying goes, “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!”  Unfortunately, one of last week’s contestants, Jason Zepaltas,   did exactly that.  He wanted to stay and face the torture of Chef Ramsey, but his respiratory system wouldn’t cooperate.   Let’s hope for his speedy recovery.  Tonight, expect more spicy drama, salty tears, and acidic profanity from our favorite chef and our favorite or not so favorite cooks.  I haven’t proclaimed a winner yet for this season, have you?

MasterChef:  Mystery boxes, pressure tests, VIP parties all in a day for MasterChef.  Ben Starr and Christine Coreley (although they could not be more different than one another!) are my favorites for this competition.  Christian Collins’ temper tantrums are amusing and annoying at the same time.    These pressure tests are no joke and would pose great difficulty for even veteran chefs. 

Chopped: Previously defeated cooks get a second chance to not only win $10,000, but also to redeem their dented reputations.  I love it when they come back with a chip on the shoulder of the chef whites.  They’re angry and they want vengeance, and tonight’s mystery ingredients will provide the perfect comeback for one lucky chef.