OMG! Must See

MasterChef:  It’s getting down to the carrot stubs at this point!  Last week, young Max was let go, and while he seemed to have some serious potential for cooking, his personality needs a full cup of sugar to balance out his sour qualities–just sayin.  The pressure tests are especially exciting this season, and I’m enjoying how the judges are pitting the cooks against each other.

Trash TV:

Love in the Wild:  We only have a finite number of hours to live on this planet before our time comes, so do yourself a favor and don’t squander any precious minutes on this lackluster show.  It’s suppose to be about love in the wild.  Where was the wild?  Yes, they were in Costa Rica, which is a beautiful country, but I saw more wild adventure as a girl scout when I was seven.  I wanted to see seriously difficult obstacles, but all  they had to tie together some logs with twine that was provided, use a map to float down stream to retrieve some water in a canteen, and then kiss after they safely climbed up a tower to a platform.  I could do all of that alone–except the kiss portion of course.  Most of the show was spent listening to the daters scheme and plot to find different partners for their next series of adventures.  Honestly they should save themselves some time and possible public humiliation and just stay in their hometowns, meet a nice guy or girl, go for a hike, ride a mountain bike, and then chat over a good dinner.  Or if they instist on joining a reality TV show, at least make sure it’s not a white bread, wimpy, silly little show that will be inconsequential and quickly forgotten.