OMG! Must See

Combat Hospital: Episode two was better than the first–mainly because the characters are beginning to show a bit more complexity.  I heard from several people, including an executive producer of the show, that yes, in fact, medical personnel do often wear their weapons in the hospital.  They do not necessarily have to, but when they exit the facility, they need to be armed at all times, so many choose to stay armed instead of risking the chance that they may forget to get strapped on their way out.  It’s great that the producers have done research to make this show relevant and meaningful to the viewers.  I’m still waiting for my assumptions about war and soldiers to be challenged.  I want to see something that makes me question the status- quo, that allows me to see characters act in thoroughly human way.   Currently, many of the characters in Combat Hospital seem to engage in non-stop witty repartee, and that gets old, and more importantly doesn’t ring true.