OMG! Must See

Surviving the Cut:   Season premiere of Discovery Channel’s most in depth look at the rigorous (to say the least) military training for US Army Special Forces Underwater Operations Course and for Army Rangers.  This series will follow the training that is required for a spot in these coveted special units.  I’m sure we’ll hear some profanity, see some sweat and vomit, and feel some pride for these brave Americans who choose to dedicate their lives to our county.  Let’s support this type of programming by setting it to record on our DVR so we don’t miss a single episode.

Surprise Homecoming: It’s a little like tying a yellow ribbon around an old tree, but the endings are promised to be happy ones!  This new TLC show reunites military personnel and their families as a surprise for the family.  It will be hosted by Billy Ray Cyrus, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t watch it.  Unfortunately, he’s also releasing a patriotic CD at the end of June, which of course makes me think that’s the only reason he’s been chosen to host this show.  But on a brighter note, this is the real deal about our men and women returning home after months and years of service for our country.  Children will be shocked and elated to see mom or dad walk through the door, parents will rejoice in the knowledge that their sons and daughters have safely returned, and spouses will finally be living and thriving together under the same roof.    I’ll support that no matter who’s hosting.