OMG! Must See

Diane Sawyer:  Tonight Jaycee Dugard will give her first interview about her years of captivity and abuse at the hands of Phillip Garrido.  Jaycee was abducted on June 10, 1991, exactly twenty years ago today.  She was missing for just over 18 years, and was found to be “living” in the backyard of Garrido’s Antioch, Ca home.  Tonight she tells her story of her abduction, her captors, her children, and finally her future which, I would imagine, looks brighter than what she could have expected from her life.  She must be an amazingly strong woman and compassionate mother to come out of this nightmare with the resilience that she seems to possess.

The Next Food Network Star:  So far, I applaud the judging panel for their decisions!  Justin had the personality of a root vegetable, Juba was stilted beyond belief, Howie was clueless, and poor Alicia was just annoying in every respect.  I’m rooting for Orchid Paulmeier–she can cook, talk, and smile simultaneously.  I’ve actually tried to accomplish that while I make dinner, and it’s no easy feat.  She has a warm personality, and most home cooks can probably relate to her.