OMG! Must See

Love in the Wild: NBC series premiere tonight.  Twenty single young men and women are taken to the jungle and partnered up to face different obstacles and adventures together.  After each episode, they are asked if they want to continue with their partner or have a new one, and at the end of each round, a two sad people will be eliminated.  It’s a type of dating experiment:  will two people who face challenges and adversity work together and form a solid foundation for a relationship or will the adversities reveal their weak characters and send them back to traditional ways of meeting people, like   Of course the jungle atmosphere will bring out the animal in these hopeful daters, but only time will tell if adrenaline pumping adventure is a rock-solid strategy for building a long-term partnership. 

Trash TV

Toddlers and Tiaras: Duh!  I finally forced myself to watch a full episode of this, and it’s as bad as I thought.  The title of the show says it all–little kids, mostly girls, duking it out for a prize based on some strange standard of beauty.  Yes, they reward the kids for things like talent and poise, but the big prize, usually an alarmingly large trophy, is for best in show–meaning the prettiest or the cutest.  At the end of one of the beauty pageants I watched, the little girls were waiting on stage to hear the winner, and after the names were read, one little girl won nothing and she stood on the stage and cried.  Now that’s entertainment!  It surprises me that TLC, The LEARNING Channel, would promote this type of show.  What should we as the viewers be learning?  I welcome a different point of view for this show, so if you have one, please let me know why you like it.