OMG! Must See

Combat Hospital:  Last week’s series premiere left me with an important question–one that I hope someone can answer for me.  Do doctors actually wear firearms inside of hospitals during war time?  If they do, then Combat Hospital has it right, but if they don’t then they’ll be guilty of overselling an already compelling drama situation.  Combat hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan do not need added bits of drama and trauma to bring about a great story line.  Death, injury, sadness, and chaos can be covered quite nicely without throwing armed-to-the-teeth doctors into the mix.   I did enjoy the first episode, but I’d like it to settle down and show the gritty nature more realistically.

MasterChef: MasterChef is on Mondays and followed with another episode on Tuesdays, so be sure to set up your DVR for both days.  The judges continue to torture the contestants with seriously difficult challenges.  The knife skills assessment was an unappetizing blood fest.  Seriously gross to watch amateurs cut themselves while trying to chop apples in a uniform fashion.  If anyone is squeamish about blood, I hope you missed last week!  Tony, a down to earth BBQ guy, was eliminated because his ravioli were thick and pasty.  The competition is getting fierce, and soon they’ll only be 15 hopeful MasterChefs.