OMG! Must See

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution:  LA Unified School District has proven to be one tough  (high calorie and high fat) cookie for Jamie Oliver.  The school board has effectively banned him from entering any of the schools in the district.  Oliver has repeatedly asked permission to show what the school cafeterias are serving the students, and apparently, it is so good  and healthy that the district wants to keep it a secret.  This is absolutely shameful.  If it isn’t good enough for TV then it isn’t good enough for our young people.  Still though, Oliver has been able to enter one alternative school site and work with the students and administrators to rethink the daily school lunches.  He had made some progress by showing how some local schools in the area have turned their school cafeterias into cook from scratch, vegetable and fruit laden kitchens.  The students at these lucky schools are eating veges that are grown on campus and chicken that is locally raised, and best of all, they love their school lunches.  Bravo to these schools!  Along the way, Oliver has met and counseled some local families about the food that is served at home.  One family relied heavily on fast food, and Jamie found some creative ways to entice this dad and two sons away from the drive through menu and into their own kitchen for meals. 

Finding Sarah: This should be interesting.  Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York,  has a reality show in which she tries to come to terms with the realities of her new life.  The Duchess has already been put through the meat grinder of public opinion concerning her weight, her clothes, and her recent “mistake” setting up of appointments for money with her ex-husband, Prince Andrew.  She has teamed up with the Oprah Winfrey Network and the many experts that Oprah often featured on her show:  Dr. Phil for some hard truths about her behavioral patterns, Suze Orman for some hard truths about her financial dependence on Prince Andrew and Martha Beck for some hard truths about living life on its own terms.  Good luck, Sarah!