OMG! Must See

Expedition Impossible:  Does anyone remember watching the Eco Challenge adventure race on TV?  I do, and it was one of my favorite reality based programs.  Adventure racers of that caliber are a different breed of people who offer and deserve one another’s respect–they are hard-core, and they know it!  Fast forward to Expedition Impossible:  part Eco Challenge, part Big Brother.  This is a ten stage race across the Moroccan desert featuring often pampered and somewhat unprepared teams of three.   They say things like, “If we can handle living in New York City, I’m sure we can handle this!”  Really?  Taxis, coffee shops, take out restaurants, crowed streets, and neon lights have prepared you to sweat your way across a desert, climb snow capped mountains, ride camels, and push yourself harder than you ever have before?  We’ll see about that.  There is definitely some trash talking among the teams, but I suppose that’s to be expected.  I’m pulling for the team from Colorado that has a blind competitor. Other teams say the “blind guy” will be easy to beat (cause he’s blind) but they don’t know that this regular looking blind guy has summited Mt. Everest.  Everest is equivalent to almost 20 Empire State Buildings.  I think team Colorado will do just fine!