OMG! Must

Combat Hospital:  Series premiere tonight.   This new hospital drama is fashioned after an actual combat hospital at Kandahar Airfield in Afghanistan–which is a huge selling point right there.  If ABC is going to create another hospital drama for the airwaves, they may as well tap into something relevant.  The two featured characters are Major Rebecca Gordon and Captain Bobby Tang.  While both are doctors, Rebecca is more experienced and confident than Bobby.  Confidence is of course a good trait, but maybe it’s a bit premature for her first day in Kandahar.  I’m hoping this show will be reminiscent of Mash, but maybe I’m hoping for too much.

101 Ways to Leave a Game Show:  This is a six episode series where contestants answer multiple choice questions in hopes of winning a $50,000.00 cash prize.  But, thankfully, there’s a twist.  When a poor soul incorrectly answers a question their moment of fame comes to an abrupt and startling end.  Perhaps they’ll be yanked off a dock by a speed boat, or better yet suddenly pulled from the ground by a helicopter and dropped a long distance into a lake.  No one knows what will happen next, and that, my friends makes it lots of fun.  This show is taping into my somewhat juvenile sense of humor the same way that Wipeout does.  I can’t get myself to actually blog about that show, but I’ve definitely watched it and enjoyed every punch, slip, fall,  and face-plant that’s been offered up.