OMG! Must See

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition:  Former high school football player embarks on a remarkable weight loss journey under the guidance and encouragement of Chris Powell.  He works with not only the client but their families and friends as well, which as we all know is a crucial component to making real change.  I wish this young man luck and may he have the willingness to sweat more and sit less–which by the way, is what I wish for myself.

MasterChef:  Tonight the hopeful home cooks are going to prove whether or not they’ve got the basic skills that will be needed to progress in the competition.  MasterChef is to the ordinary cook what American Idol is to the shower singer–and I love it.  Last week, my favorite contestant told Chef Ramsey that she grew up very poor both financially and nutritionally, but now as an adult she cooks “real food” for herself and her young son. That’s what I’m talking about!  Go Christine!

Trash TV

The Bachelorette:  I’m still boycotting the show, but I did see the very end of last week’s episode.  I’m officially worried about Ashley’s state of mind.  She said that she’s still “hung up” on Bentley and that her “woman’s intuition” tells her that something is different with Bentley.  Well, she’s right about that, just in a sad way.  He is the first and only contestant I’ve seen openly mock the bachelorette, and Ashley is drawn to him like a dog  to a rotting bird carcass on the beach.  She is trying my patience and giving women’s intuition a bad name.  MOVE ON, Ashley!