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Only in America With Larry the Cable Guy:  So this show is a bit out of my norm; however, it’s hearty entertainment.  I was reluctant to watch the show because the red-neck comedy tour just wasn’t my thing, but Larry is traveling and experiencing all things Americana.  He’s still funny, but while he’s interviewing folks he’s kind and warm with people, and that’s a great mix.    Tonight he’ll be cheer leading with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders which should be weird in so many ways, and then he travels north and gets pulled on a dog sled.  He’s a big guy, so I hope these dogs have been beefing up on extra chow to pull his generous girth along the snow and ice. 

America’s Got Talent:  sometimes….  Yea for regular Americans having fun and auditioning for this show.  Boo for the audience that doesn’t give the quirky, weird people a chance.  I wish every audition had a chance to finish.  How much nerve does it take to get up on stage and do your stuff?  I wouldn’t know, so I give HUGE PROPS to people who go the distance even if their act is a pathetic waste of time! America’s Got Talent is best enjoyed with a DVR because they drag things out too much, but it’s worth it if you can skip through the minutia.