OMG! Must See

MasterChef:  Tonight’s show will be a two hours followed by another episode on Tuesday.  By the end Tuesday night, they’ll be only 18 contestants left, and that’s when things get hot in the wok.  Chef Ramsay who is known for his culinary expertise and his razor sharp tongue is just one third of the prestigious judging panel.  Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich are also judges, but mostly it’s Ramsay that everyone fears–and rightfully so.  He’s blunt, he’s right, and he’s the expert, so they’ll just have to get over it. Chopped is aimed for accomplished chefs, Worst Cooks in America is obviously aimed at–well, the worst cooks, but MasterChef is right there in the middle for us Goldilocks types. 

Trash TV

The Bachlorette:  I just blogged on this a week ago, but I’m going a step further, and that is now to boycott this show.  The producers knew from the onset of the show that Bentley was not there for the right intentions.  They allowed him to publicly humiliate Ashley, and now they act as though  Bentely was at fault.   There are thousands of Bentleys out in the world, both male and female, and it’s the producers who are at fault for allowing this loser on the show.   It was simply another gross way to increase ratings at the expense of another person and her family.  This show is of course for entertainment, but honestly is just not fun for me to watch an overly vulnerable person be taken advantage of.  Bye Bye Bachlorette.