OMG! Must See

Dual Survival:  If you’re lucky enough to be home with some popcorn and Snapple, then go ahead and dive into Dual Survival marathon.  Don’t worry, it’s not 26.2 hours of viewing, but it will be several episodes for these two guys make it through their adventures.  The basic premise is that they become stranded with only items that a typical person might carry.  It’s amazing to see what they can accomplish with a length of rope, a knife, and some gum.  If I were stranded, I would be seriously out of luck.  Normally, I only carry Chapstick or some other type of lip gloss, so if I hosted my own survival show, it would be quite short–but possibly quite entertaining. 

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution:  Go Jamie Go!  Fight the good fight!  Take one for the team!  He’s still struggling to get his message heard in the far-reaching Los Angeles School District, but he’s been able to work with smaller groups of kids to help bring about a change of attitude about eating and cooking.  Tonight he will be work with some kids to show them the short term consequences of unhealthy food choices.  That’s an interesting angle;  so often, we try to explain to kids the long-range effects of unhealthy choices which is so often lost on this younger, cooler, textier generation.  I’m a fan, Jamie, keep up the good work.