OMG! Must See

The Glades:  Season two series premier tonight.  Another crime drama?  Yes, I love them.  While The Glades can’t live up to The Wire, the best show on TV ever, it does bring an excellent storyline and some full bodied characters.  It takes place  just outside of the Florida Everglades and stars Matt Passmore who plays a brilliant detective originally from Chicago who’s been exiled to the middle of nowhere, USA.   But after just a short time, he realizes that there’s plenty of crime to keep him busy. 

The Next Food Network Star: If you’re an aspiring chef or just a home cook, this is a great show to watch.  There are fifteen contestants with varying amounts, if any, professional experience.  Their bios are on the food network website, and it can be fun to pick a favorite and watch how they fair in the challenges.   My favorite so far is Jyll Everman–I like her positive attitude toward regular home cooks.  One of the most entertaining aspects can be finding out which finalist is the most annoying.  I won’t cast a vote until until after the premier, but truthfully, I’ve already chosen!

Trash TV

The Bachelorette:  It’s probably not news to any of you, but The Bachelor and Bachelorette series have always been a little cheesy and trashy, and yet somehow entertaining to watch.  One of my favorite moments is when the poor sap is sent home without rose, and then they cry in the limo.  I realize that it shows a mean streak in me, but they did go on television–for better or for worse.  However, this season, with pitiful, boring Ashley, she is being fooled and laughed at by Bentley.  He talks about how he’s not interested in her, that she is a boring kisser, that she’s not his type, but then Ashley likes him and keeps him around.  It makes me embarrassed for her, and this guy should be sent packing now.  It changes the premise of the show; it’s more like Punked than The Bachelorette.