OMG! Must See

Oprah: After 25 years, Oprah will be saying good bye to millions of her faithful viewers.  Just in case she reads this blog, I’d like to let her know how I feel.   Thank you Oprah, for sharing inspirational stories that remind us to build lists of gratitude each day.  Thank you for being honest and humble about your struggles with eating.  Thank you for not only encouraging us to read but also to voraciously read.  Thank you  for valuing hard working teachers and their dedicated students.  Thank you for the tragic story that reminded all parents  to slow down and be mindful of our lives.  Thank you for running a marathon, and thank you for giving Lisa Ling some feature stories.  Thank you for allowing people to heal old wounds in your Little Rock Nine episode.  You’ve brought many good things to my life and to the lives of millions, and please accept this final thank you!

Modern Family: Oh no!  It’s the season finale. Tonight Phil runs into a nemesis, and I have no doubt it will be funny.  But the best part of Modern Family isn’t that it’s just funny, it manages to strike a familiar chord with people.  It’s one of the few shows that I enjoy as much as my three teen-aged sons. So, if you haven’t discovered this show–give in, and try it.