OMG! Must See

American Idol:  To my amazement, James was voted off of American Idollast week.  How in the world can Haley Reinhart still be “in it to win it”?  She seems  to please the judges  with approximately half of her performances, while James surprised and entertained with almost every performance.  My problem with Haley is that I’m just not buying her emotional connections to the songs.  Her performances show emotion, but I feel like I’m watching her portray  emotion without her really feeling it.  Watch tonight to see Lauren, Scotty, and Haley battle for the finale next week.  Teenager Lauren, will hopefully win the whole enchilada. 

Modern Family: Phil and Claire’s daughter, Alex, prepares her speech for her middle school graduation. Phil understands that this will be  emotionally taxing on Claire, so he attempts to get her into breakdown mode sooner rather than later so as not to interfere with his trip to Vegas the next day.