OMG! Must See

Colbert Report:  Colbert welcomes Amy Krener.  If you don’t know who she is, congratulations!  Krener is the chairman for the Tea Party Express, and I, although tea partiers make me sick, am willing to watch it just to laugh at how Colbert will undoubtedly portray her.  She must know that she’s entering the lion’s den–so, I’ll give her props for that. 

Chopped:  Oysters will stump tonight’s competitors.  I’m curious how the chefs will deal with oysters;  I always thought oysters could only be eaten raw or fried, but I have feeling that I’m severely limited in my shellfish approach. 

Trash TV

The Voice: I felt guilty the first time I trashed this show because I hadn’t even watched yet, so I did make it through the first episode, and it’s truly a waste air space.  It seems as though they want the American Idol success, but the premise of the show is just not that enthralling.  They blindly choose people who can already sing really well, and now they’ll coach them to sing better.  These world class singers can’t overlook the potentially not so attractive singers to choose the best voices?   This is just a gimmick.  An hour watching The Voice  is an hour that should could be better spent scrubbing the molding in your house.  Just saying.