OMG! Must See

Oprah:  Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, along with her daughters are ready to speak out.  I’ve just recently come down from my Royal Wedding high, so I’m ready for a little more UK culture.  She’s definitely going to discuss what in the world she was thinking when she illegally accepted money in order for people to have meetings with her x-hubby.

Survivor:  Come on you lemmings–get your acts together and vote off Boston Rob!  What are you thinking;  when you watch yourselves on TV you must feel foolish for being so easily led by Rob.  This week, there will be an attempt to overthrow the power, but I think it will be a feeble and somewhat pitiful endeavor.  I’m still rooting for Philip.  Yes, he might be crazy, but at least he’s not boring like some of the other campers.

Modern Family:  This show continues to surprise and entertain the viewers each week.  If you haven’t caught an episode, tonight will be a good chance.  Claire and Phil will be changing roles tonight.  So Phil will most likely be in charge of getting the kids everywhere, and Claire will concentrate on the real estate business.  I’m sure the kids won’t make it easy on them.