OMG!  Must See

The Office:  Last week, Michael boarded the plane to begin his new life with Holly in Boulder, Colorado.  Was it just me, or did you feel a little teary when he unhooked his microphone and said his final, “That’s what she said”?   Tonight, Deangelo’s managerial skills will be center stage, and from what I  can see he’s going to pit them against one another–should be funny.  Will Ferrell’s character is unabashedly rude and at the same time, obliviously ignorant of his actions.  I hoped for a sillier, more light hearted Deangelo, instead we have a darker, meaner temp in Michael’s place.  I’ve included the good bye song to Michael–Sweet!

Parks and Recreation:  Best show on TV!  If you haven’t seen this yet, read up on it, and then jump in.   Tonight, Leslie battles it out with her rival, Lindsay to promote their favorite small towns.  Pawnee should win hands down!