OMG! Must See

House: It’s the proverbial good news, bad news situation:  You won the lottery!!  But why are you suddenly paralyzed?  That’s the question that Greg House will be investigating with his top notch team, which now includes 13 who I think makes the show a little better.  If I ever win the lottery and it results in sudden, unexplained paralysis, take me to Dr. House!

Oprah:  While I’m not an everyday Oprah watcher, I will definitely not miss the hour long interview with President and Mrs. Obama.  This actual interview took place just after President Obama released his long-form birth certificate and it will be interesting to hear his thoughts concerning the reality TV star, Donald The Tool Trump.  But come on, what we really need to hear about is Iraq, Afghanistan, the economy, and I have no doubt these topics will dominate the interview. Of course Michelle will hopefully talk about her Get Moving campaign, and possibly she’ll share how Sasha and Malia have taken to White House living.