OMG! Must See

The Royal Wedding:  Duh!  What else could possibly be happening in your life that you would consider missing this event?  Okay, so lots might be happening that could persuade you to miss this world wide extravaganza, but here are some reasons to watch.  It’s unique–we don’t see weddings like this everyday.  The pomp, the circumstance, the uniforms, the protocol–I love it.  I want to see Kate’s dress, and see the variety of fascinators in the crowd.  Perhaps we American girls have read Cinderella one too many times because I just can’t deny that I am drawn to watching a princess in the making. I’m not planning to watch it live, (I’m not that dedicated) so a DVR version with liberal skipping will suffice.  If you really want to get into the spirit, I’ve included a quick video to make your own fascinator.  Enjoy!

Kitchen Nightmares:  Chef Ramsey visits a restaurant in Sherman Oaks, Ca.  The best part of the show is when Gorden first arrives and samples dishes from their doomed menus.  I’m always shocked to see the dismay of the cook or owner that Gorden finds their food repulsive.  Didn’t they know that something must be wrong with their food when they contacted Kitchen Nightmares?  Usually Gorden takes a field trip into the freezer or walk-in refrigerator to really amp up the gross factor, and I for one appreciate that because it could inspire other restaurant owners to check their own kitchens and walk-ins–which is a benefit to all of us who enjoy going out to eat.