OMG! Must See

Oprah: The fountain of youth is perhaps an overstatement, but Bob Greene, her personal trainer extraordinaire, will be sharing strategies for looking twenty years younger.  Not five years, not a decade, but twenty long years.  Now before you decide to skip this show, go find a picture of yourself from 1991 and then go look in the mirror.  Nuff said. 

Suvivor:Just when I was starting to like Julie, the tribe spoke, and kicked her over to Redemption Island.  The tribe has protected Philip from himself and voted off some campers that have not been smart enough to vote off Boston Rob.  Come on, people!  If Rob is the puppet master, which he is, then his alliances are creepy, dead eyed, mariannette puppets that he manipulates for his own well being.  Tonight, I’m hoping for one of these puppets to see the light, cut the strings, and become a “real boy!” 

American Idol: Six are left, and that’s five too many for my liking.  It’s time to make a prediction:  Casey will win.  James, will be the runner up, but don’t worry fans, he’ll be fine.  He’s an amazing singer, and he’ll undoubtedly get scooped up with band or some huge contract–just like Daughtry.  But Casey, on the other hand, needs to win.  He’s a true musician–a little wacky and strange, talented on several fronts, but most importantly he has an artistic perspective that  has remained intact through his journey on the show.  As for all the other idol hopefuls, I don’t care.  Tonight, I hope they don’t have the kicked off idols perform another song together like last week.  Did anyone else hate that?  I actually felt embarrassed watching it–thank goodness for the skip button.