OMG! Must See

Chopped:  Yes, it’s finally a new episode after the awesome all star competition.   If you missed that, then you missed watching some serious chefs being put to the test in a very public way–quite brave, really!  This round, rivals will be facing one another and battling it out over firm tofu.  Tofu doesn’t exactly excite me as a mystery ingredient, but I’m also not a chef who can work magic with a firm, white block of protein matter.

Deadliest Catch: I’m so happy this is back on.  Honestly though, I missed the first episode, but I’ll catch it soon.  The crew members make this show what it is, and this season will undoubtedly have some new relationships to watch unravel as the seas get rough and the pots are often found to be empty.  In today’s show, Jake will be getting a “do or die” lesson for driving the boat.  Sounds dangerous!

Trash TV

The Voice:  Tonight is the season premiere of yet another singing show.  Is it too harsh that I’ve labeled it trash TV without seeing it?  Probably so, but American Idol already the basic premise of The Voice covered.  Their twist is that the auditions are blind meaning that the judges, Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green among others, will not be able to see the auditioners as they sing.  So, really what the show proposes is that serious singers like Aguilera would be overly influenced by the look of the contestant.  I think that’s sad.  I have a better idea:  keep the TV viewers blind and then invite them to cast their votes on the best new voice.  I think we, the common viewers, are much more subjective concerning looks than serious professionals.  If you disagree, then explain why Scotty has made it to the final six on American Idol.