OMG! Must See

Survivor:  Don’t miss the Redemption Island battle that’s on for tonight:  the athlete faces the not-so-athlete.  Also, watch Philip attempt to reconcile his insanity with his desire to be the last man standing.  I wish I could watch a few episodes with a psychiatrist sitting nearby to hear if he or she would  have any diagnosis for Philip, or really, any of the remaining survivors–or even for myself  for that matter!   Boston Rob continues to dominate his own alliance, but I have a feeling, this is going to backfire on him.  If these people are smart, and no one is really thinking that they are, they should vote Rob off at their first opportunity.  If they don’t, there is strong possibility that these folks will be joining the others in the jury box.

Modern Family:  It’s official!  After last week’s episode, no one can deny that this is top- of -the food chain TV.  It was hilarious and dare I say it, touching.  I appreciated the relationship scenes with the two older brothers;  yes it was amusing to watch them attack each other, but the watching the cancer topic unfold was the most meaningful and realistic vignette of the night.