OMG! Must See!

Mad Men:  So, apparently, I’ve been living under a rock and missing this amazing show.  Mad Men is set in the 1960s in New York City–Madison Avenue, specifically. It focuses on the lives of the power hungry men in the advertising world and their much too dedicated secretaries.  While the men are hard at work writing ads for everything from cigarettes to department stores, the women are at home dutifully keeping house and providing meals for their families.  Their homes are immaculate, their children are polite, and still these men cheat on their wives with young ladies in and out of the office.  The storyline is engaging, (if not addicting) and it’s amazing how this series captures not only the nuances of gender relations in the time period, but the look of the show will bring you back to this time as well. This series is now in its fifth season, so get a Netflix account or go to iTunes and head into mad pursuit of this great series.

House:  The doctor is in, but you might not like him!  Dr. House, played by Hugh Laurie, while most definitely a genius,  he’s a mixed bag–addicted to pain killers, rude, selfish, and vindictive, but still, he’s the doctor any patient would want.  This show is not your typical medical drama, but most of the episodes do center on a single patient that exhibits such a strange combination of symptoms that the #1 diagnostic team must be called in to investigate.  And investigate they do: they comb through their patients’ homes, run scary numbers of tests, and argue with one another before the final, and often freakishly aggressive treatments, can be performed.  Along the way, the personal lives of the doctors occasionally take center stage, and those episodes are my least favorite, so thankfully they are few.