OMG! Must See–spoiler alert!

Survivor: So apparently, the survivors have formed one tribe and have managed to name themselves after an influential stuffed animal.  Of course they (except Boston Rob) are under the impression that their tribe name is much more philosophical, which just makes me chuckle.  Sarita lost a battle and left the show–no biggie, won’t miss her.  But the best part is Matt getting an opportunity to revisit Redemption Island.  How harsh is that?  Let the building of the jury begin.

American Idol: Listening to Haley shred a great Janis Joplin song made me miss Crystal Bowersox.  Crystal could pull off a Joplin song–Sorry Haley.  I predict that she will be shopping in her hometown grocery store very soon.  Lauren singing “Natural Woman” was just too ironic for me: too much make-up, and at only sixteen years old,  not yet a woman.  James did great.  I appreciate the fact he went in a slightly different direction than what we’ve seen in the past few weeks.   Guiltily, I must admit something:  I don’t like Scotty, but he certainly has plenty of fans, so he won’t even miss me. Quirky Paul singing Johnny Cash?  Worked for me!