OMG! Must See

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution premiers April 12. Anyone who takes on a school district, especially the gargantuan LA Unified, and challenges them to up their game in regards to the food they serve, gets my immediate props.   Not surprisingly, the school system effectively banns him from entering any of the campuses.  Jamie will have to get creative to deal with this stonewalling.  Oliver is a hugely talented chef, and it’s nice to see that his passion for cooking takes him beyond his celebrity kitchen into the french fry and pizza laden trenches of the school cafeteria. He must be brave.  Let’s support his efforts, and maybe he’ll make his way up the coast.

Modern Family:  Excellent cast!  Great writing!  If you haven’t caught the Modern Family fever, it’s time!  At first glance the show appears to focus on the lives of three separate families which is true; however, after an episode or two, we see that these families are all–for better or for worse–part of one large family.  Each family group has an edge like most families do.  One family has two dads, one couple has a slightly alarming age difference, and the other family has three kids.   Irreverant, bold subject matter and great actors make this a staple of my Wednedsay nights–Join the family!