OMG! Must See

Survivor:  If you suffered from reward challenge and alliance fatigue in the previous seasons  of Survivor, it’s time to come back.  The show has caught its second wind  and is off and running.  With the addition of Redemption Island, Survivor has become more of a physical and mental battle, not just a game of making and breaking friendships.  The tribe still holds the power to vote out the best, the strongest, or the weakest, but after that, it’s every camper for himself.   Phillip, the ambiguous former CIA agent, has brought a certain amount of spontaneity to the tribal councils that this show has needed.  Boston Rob seems hungry for a win, and watching him throw a clue into the volcano last week was awesome!  The women, on the other hand, seem content to align themselves with the stronger men of the tribe and not step out on their own–maybe it’s strategy, maybe it’s low self -worth: only time will tell.

The Colbert Report is to television what garlic is to the Italian cook!  Gotta have it!  The irreverent Colbert asserts his unapologetic point of view on all things Americana.  This week he is hosting Sir David Tang and Jeff Greenfield.  He’ll continue to snuff out candles of his government shutdown menorah, and really, isn’t that what the viewer wants to see?

Trash TV

Undercover  Boss–Seriously?  This is a shameless promotion of their own company under the guise of compassion, empathy, and concern.  It sickens me to watch these pompous CEO’s stay in a grubby motel, “work” for four or so days, then undergo an epiphany about the plight of the working men and women of the country.  They hand out a few gifts at the end of the show to demonstrate their change of heart–not buying it, and definitely not watching it.