“Portlandia” and “Spartacus” ended their seasons last week, and “Fringe” is getting bumped for the NAACP Image Awards show, so there’s pretty much nothing on TV tonight. Go watch a DVD or something.

Watch it

“The Soup” (10 p.m., E). Will Joel McHale talk about anything but Charlie Sheen? This should be good.

“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” (12:35 a.m., NBC). Tonight’s guests: Kathy Bates, Chris Pratt (“Parks and Recreation”) and Chicago’s lyrical miracle Lupe Fiasco.

Record it

“The Walking Dead” (starting at 8 p.m., AMC). If you missed this highly acclaimed post-apocalyptic zombie series when it aired in the fall, now’s your chance to catch up. All six episodes are running back-to-back tonight. It’s not so much a thriller (though there are thrills) as it is a grim drama about survival under the worst possible conditions. It’s gory and harrowing, but a ton smarter than your average horror movie. The marathon ends around 3 a.m., so free up some DVR space — if your stomach can handle it.