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NBA All-Star Saturday Night (5:30 p.m., TNT). It’s All-Star Weekend in L.A. The game’s tomorrow, but tonight we’ve got the Skills Challenge (zzzzzzz), the 3-Point Shootout (mehh) and the Dunk Contest (worth watching). There’s also the horrible Shooting Stars competition with NBA legends and WNBA players.

“Being Human” (9 p.m., BBC America). Season premiere. Forget the bland Syfy remake, the original British series about the messy lives of a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost is the one worth watching. Season 3 kicks off tonight with Annie trapped in Purgatory, and Mitchell must cross over and confront his evil past to bring her back.

Here’s a stylish trailer that tells you nothing:

Record it

“An Idiot Abroad” (7 p.m., Science). Karl Pilkington visits Egypt (pre-revolution) and says simplistic and stupid things. Meh. I’ve gotten tired of it.

“Patrice O’Neal: Elephant in the Room” (10 p.m., Comedy Central). A new standup special taped in New York. He’s usually funny, so this should be pretty decent.

Skip it

“Hooters Dream Girl” (11 p.m., FX). Sixteen Hooters waitresses go to Cancun and compete to be the hottest, or most buxom or something. Sounds super classy.