So how about it? Which commercial blew you away during the Super Bowl broadcast, or at least made you chuckle? For that matter, which one made you want to never buy that product? Chime in and leave a comment below.

I’ll be quaffing beers and munching cheese puffs all afternoon, so I’m writing this in advance. But personally, I don’t think anything will top Volkswagon’s “The Force” ad. I love it on so many levels. Too bad they aired the edited version.

And my favorite movie commercial has to be “Cowboys & Aliens.” It looks ridiculously cheesy, but a whole lot of fun. Better than yet another “Pirates of the Caribbean,” at least. (Again, they aired the edited version, but this one is cool.)

UPDATE: Checking in at halftime here, feeling embarrassed for the Black Eyed Peas. Good lord, that was an jaw-droppingly awful show. Somewhere Axl Rose is rolling over in his grave. I still feel good about my VW pick; the ads have been kinda bad, and what’s up with the proliferation of people getting hit in the head with cans? My vote for creepiest moment of the first half: that shot of Cameron Diaz hand-feeding A-Rod. Ick. Also, do we really need a car that reads Facebook posts? Looking forward to a more interesting second half.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Eminem’s “Imported from Detroit” ad for Chrysler was awesome. Oooh, game’s getting better too.

FINAL UPDATE: So the game turned out to be much more interesting than the commercials, which were, as a whole, pretty weak. Kudos to VW, Chrysler and Audi (for the jailbreak from luxury), and I will never, ever buy Pepsi Max. Or use Groupon. And congrats to the Packers.