Watch it

“Glee” (8 p.m., Fox). The gleeks set up a Valentine’s Day kissing booth. And since it’s a Valentine’s Day theme, you can be sure there’ll be plenty of both mushy and heartbreaking moments.

“Raising Hope” (9 p.m., Fox). New episodes are back. Tonight, Jimmy meets another single dad and they bond, until he finds out his mom works as a maid for the guy.

“Traffic Light” (9:30 p.m., Fox). Series premiere. A new romantic comedy about three college friends dealing with their current relationships. The guy who played Pam’s boyfriend Roy on “The Office” is one of the co-stars, and it actually looks like it might be funny (Tim Goodman likes it, at least). And I like how the actors look like real people, not models. Fox hasn’t had a lot of success with sitcoms over the past few years, but it might just have a pretty solid hour here.

“Lights Out” (10 p.m., FX). Now that his wife knows they’re broke, Lights gets the OK to go back into the ring to earn some money. But that only gets him in deeper with loan shark Hal Brennan.

Record it

“White Collar” (10 p.m., USA). An old friend of June’s late husband, played by Billy Dee Williams, shows up, and Neil is suspicious. I would be too. Sure, he redeemed himself at the end, but he still sold out his buddy, Han Solo. He’s gotta earn that trust back, and blowing up the second Death Star is only a starting point.

And there’s always the mass of solid 10 p.m. dramas that I never watch consistently enough: “Parenthood” (NBC), “The Good Wife” (CBS) and “Southland” (TNT). I’ve way lost track of what’s going on in each.

“Top Shot” (10 p.m., History). Season premiere. The marksman reality show is back for a second season. Tonight, 16 competitors take part in a challenge with Civil War-era weaponry.

“My Life as Liz” (11 p.m. MTV). Season premiere. The weird real-but-it’s-totally-fake series is back for a second season, and now Liz is a lost soul in New York.

Skip it

“Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy” (9 p.m., History). History Channel used to be known for its WWII documentaries. Now it’s all about Arctic truckers, alien conspiracies and Larry the Cable Guy. Ugh. I say, bring back “Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe.”

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” (10 p.m., Bravo). Good god, this series never dies. We’ve had the two-part reunion show, now we get the hour of unaired clips and bloopers. I always say, footage is unaired for a reason. Trust the editors’ original instincts.